pinkflowers-banner-editedMoving away from the entanglements of trauma takes courage to listen, re-establish the relationship with your heart’s desire (which is the essesnce’s call), and bind it to your internal fire to fuel those inner passions, into matter-manifested realities.

I offer you affective support through any challenge you may be experiencing at any level -from the physical to the spiritual levels because I have been a able to successfully unhitch my own past experiences from my present field –at all levels, thus allowing me access to the vastness of the now presence. This grants me the ability to present you with the opportunities for you to step into your personal power and personally chosen realities, at an aware level, in a way you can consistently replicate, as a ‘copy and paste’ strategy, into the rest of your Living. In other words, I can help you create/manifest your reality, at your chosen caliber.
I also offer the opportunity to dive into a deep, thorough, easy and fun way to explore multidimensionality, and the grandness of expanded Living!

I offer
What I offer

I am an Energetic Consultant, specialized in self-actualization facilitating transformational space for dedicated individuals who want to step from trauma and subsequent patterns, into intentionally creating a holistic heart-centered model of Living.
I am 100% devoted too anchoring sovereignty for humanity so we can continue our evolutionary Living in a more meaningful and satisfying way for our self, our society and the planet we inhabit.


A few avenues of healing with me:

Life Consulting:

I offer one-on-one sessions 1 hour in duration.

Equilibrium Healing:

I facilitate healings that may or may not include bodywork in 2hrs sessions.

Developmental Classes and Integrative Gatherins:

I offer educational, inspiring and alchemical classes and gatherings, where you can learn and practice personal development, self realization and spiritual awareness to support you into anchoring the presence necessary for you to expand your Life, to a greater potentiality. 

Looking forward to helping you attain your greatest reality!

Get Started

A lot of people think creating shift in our lives is difficult; however in my experience, change can be embraced with ease and grace.

My mission is to serve your potential and in my desire to maximize how I invest my time and energy, the first appointment of 1 hour in duration will grant us both the ability to size if we are a good match to work together. From there, I suggest purchasing a sessions package, to assure the time you have with me without delays, and serve as a given platform for your unfolding.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Go ahead and contact me letting me know you are interested in setting up your appointment.