“A lot of people think creating shift in our lives is difficult; however in my experience, change can be embraced with ease and grace.”


I am 100% devoted too anchoring sovereignty for humanity so we can continue our evolutionary Living, in a more meaningful and satisfying way for our self, our society and the planet we inhabit.


What I offer

Everything is energy, so we are energy, therefore a person is destined to have experiences that will be interpreted as uncomfortable, for as long as they’re not aligned holistically.

Due to the way I can read energy, the way I process and manage information: from the aspect of my essence, to the DNA levels and steaming from all my studies, the way I have cleared my vessel, and my personal practice of focused devotion, I have developed a keen ability to see what is available in potentiality, the tools necessary to eradicate the issue from the root within a holistic perspective, as well as the map to attain the desired goal.

I am an Energetic Architect and Engineer offering educational, inspiring and alchemical personally tailored consultations, classes and gatherings, where people like you can learn and practice personal awareness, self actualization and spiritual realization to build your desired caliber of Living.


A few avenues of healing with me:

Energetic Read

Life Consulting

Mommy Council

Equilibrium Healing & ênergetic înfusïon

Developmental Classes and Integrative Gatherins

Get Started

Go ahead and contact me letting me know you are interested in setting up your consultation appointment, or visit the Classes link to see what’s cooking on that side.

Looking forward to hearing from you!