Price List

Over the years offering my services, I have concluded the best method I can use to support the way of Living I want is by using a Sliding Scale system of payment, which encourages integrity and equality in society. We All know everybody has expenses, and this system allows me to place the payment responsibility on you making an honest assessment of where you’re at, to pay me accordingly; with the understanding this is between you and your conscience. I trust you to make a sincere choice.


Coaching, Sessions and Consultations

The first 1hr. appointment is complimentary!

I use the time to find out what you’re looking for; let you know what I offer; and we draw a plan of action. All sessions thereafter are an average of one and a half hours in duration.

First time, and individual sessions are $80*-120

You can purchase sessions individually; although to maximize your investment, I’ve developed saving packages: (following is a chart of prices, which has a respective discount allowing you to save more, the greater your commitment is to your transformation).

  • Package of 12 sessions at $1152 (you save 20%)
  • Package of 10 sessions at $984 (you save 18%)
  • Package of 8 sessions at $544*-816 (you save 15%)
  • Package of 5 sessions at $352*-528 (you save 12%)
  • Package of 2 sessions at $144*-216 (you save 10%)

To book your appointments contact me by phone or email.


Note: If you are truly committed to your transformation, but not as yet have the financial means to pay the sliding scale’s lower price, I invite you to call me to discuss your method of payment.


Equilibrium Healing

You can have an Equilibrium Healing for 90min./1.5hrs *$98-145, or 120min./2hrs. for $130*-195. To book your appointments contact me by phone or email.

*Sliding Scale system


Also, remember offering relaxation and well-being is al-ways a perfect gift, so if you’re looking for that fAbulous birthday/holiday/Thank You present contact me to purchase your gift certificates. And when you purchase a package of 5 or more at a time, you receive a 15% appreciation discount!