Mommy Council

These sessions are particularly tailored for women who are considering pregnancy, are, or have been pregnant.

We are energetic beings and the energetics of a woman changes dramatically as soon as, even planning a pregnancy. As and advocate of conscious parenting, I can guide you through the patterns of Life that get visited during and after pregnancy. I can help you turn your pregnancy into a sacred act of channeling Life in a way that you are born again as you give/gave birth. I can help you see the portals to heal your lineage behind and forward, as you can liberate and empower your self through this nothing short than mágical stage, in this incarnation. I can show you the patterns of Life where you can expand to attain the wisdom of your heart, through the riches of the portals the pregnancy offers.

Sometimes there are patterns with pregnancy that are best to correct before the child’s birth and sometimes some that got created during the pregnancy or even after. All that can be addressed and I can guide you energetically to align internally and to reflect externally; and then bring everything else into cohesive relativity.

You’re already going through it, might as well honor its magnificence with awareness!

I would be happy to support you with the intimacy of such a transformational time for a woman. Contact me to make your appointment.