Mastering Trust

Trust is an internal unfolding!

We often learn to look for the “right” environment, instead of how to strengthen the self to respond in a way that brings personal satisfaction, regardless of the circumstances.

This playshop is devoted to cultivating and expanding a sense of well-being in a constantly fluctuating world. With a limited time and energy per day, and so many facets of Life requesting our attention, the most reassuring feeling to experience is Trust that all IS, and will bE well.

Designed, but not limited to who:

  • Want to develop, deepen and maintain well-being on a consistent bases
  • Is dealing with personal insecurities
  • Is faced with the passing of loved ones, loss of employment, home, etc

Together, we will:

  • Examine our brain’s ability to process information
  • Offer and receive the liberating seed of Trust
  • Do a guided journey into finding our center to anchor Trust, even in the midst of external uncertainty
  • Explore how Mastering yOur Trust can facilitate serenity and loyalty to a heart-centered Living, in spite of shifting circumstances.

If you have any questions or wish to find out where classes will be held next, feel free to contact me.