Life Consulting

“We must first die to everything we thought we were, in order to be reborn to a new Living, within the same body.”


My services steam from my practiced heart-centered alignment I have attained –internally and externally, in my everyday Living.

Through Life Consulting, I facilitate individualized transformational space for dedicated individuals who want to step from trauma and subsequent patterns, into intentionally creating a holistic heart-centered model of Living, utilizing the higher frequencies available on the planet, at this point and time. In me, you have affective support through any challenge you may be experiencing, at any level of your humanness.

Also, as a clairsentient and clairvoyant, I have developed an agility to identify entangled and/or kinked energy in your field and match them with tools I have learned and developed to facilitate rapid transformation and guide you in the most efficient way to create permanent results.

The transformation takes place through the practices you carry with the tools I give you, which will ensure the shift and bring about an integrative quality in correlation to the rest of your Life; therefore, we will move at the speed with which you can anchor the transformation with certainty.

Are you ready for your bEst Living yet?


Individual sessions $120. 1 hour in duration.

Because I prefer to have conclusive results as soon as possible, I give preference to clients who purchase packages. I’ve developed saving packages, so the prices have a corresponding discount, to the commitment you make toward your transformation:

  • Package of 12 sessions at $1181 (1440-18% you save $259)
  • Package of 10 sessions at $1020 (1200-15% you save $180)
  • Package of 8 sessions at $845 (960-12% you save $115)
  • Package of 6 sessions at $662 (720-8% you save $58)
  • Package of 4 sessions at $451 (480-6% you save $29)

There are no shortcuts, yet we cAn transition quicker in our expansion. Ask me about a Personalized Immersion Program, if you’re interested in taking the fast track.

Contact me to book your appointment.