i Am (Prayer for children)

I am a magnificent being. I am grateful for the body I have created, the family I have chosen and all my experiences because it’s all a gift of Love.

I recognize and celebrate my connection to the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, so I show my gratitude by caring for the environment I live in because I understand this creates a caring balance. I call to me beautiful people and interactions, and I al-ways do my best to feel happy and at peace.

I am kind, independent, courageous, strong, and I can do Anything, to what I set my focused mind, and my loving heart. I am full of joy and I trust I am safe, loved and cherished, at all times.

I speak my truth with love and confidence, and I know the Universe helps me to create the Life I want in the seen and unseen worlds, and I attract only beings of goodness to accompany me on my journey.

I am open to the guidance I receive from my internal compass, and I follow it recognizing the difference from my personal thoughts. My Life is beautiful, full of wonder and magical events I co-create into my reality on a constant basis.

So it is.


***This prayer came through in March 2014 when I was visiting my children. 

From my heart to yours, I trust it will gift your inner child or external one, in the most suited way.

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