i Am (Prayer for women)

I am the raw power of the Universe in its magnificence of constant creation and manifestation of abundance, in All my Life. I am a loving, independent, sovereign, compassionate, pOwerful woman creating and inspiring, with the omnipresent Light of LOVE.

I Live courageously by consciously following my soul’s call and directing my awareness to wisely comply with Universal Laws through all I think, feel, say and do, creating material stability, loving relationships, personal confidence, emotional balance, fluid manifesting, mental focus and spiritual connection.

Through my devotion, discipline and integrity I am easily manifesting fluid Knowing, constant Peace, Clarity, Love, invigorating Health, conscious Awareness, Prosperity at All levels, and Abundance in All dimensions. I am calmly enticing expansion by empowering others through personal example, and encouraging all with wisdom, and loving consciousness to Live their fUll potential.

So it is.



***A version of this prayer came through for me in January 2009 right after I completed the work of anchoring in my own Life the training I teach called Prosperity Alignment. As per my intuition, I committed to reading it every day invoking the awakening and refining of the pieces it evoked. Since then, I have read it on and off, feeling drawn to it at different times and it’s mutated right along with my own growth helping me to fine-tune into a greater Living experience, at all levels.

Feel free to use it as is, or as a guideline to inspire you to create your own that might resonate more with what you wish to create in your own Life! See how this feels for you when you commit to reading it every day. Also, it is a lovely experience to share with a partner by having reading the women’s prayer first, and then having your partner read the man’s.

From my heart to yours, I trust it will gift you in the most suited.

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