i Am (Prayer for men)

I am the raw power of the universe in its magnificence of constant creation. I am wise, centered, transparent, Loving, and fully Awake with the Light of God.

I live with an Open Heart allowing my self to feel all experiences I pull into my reality to magnify compassion, kindness and depth in my Life manifesting through all my thoughts, feelings, words and actions to feel whole and balanced.

I accept all my power, vulnerability, and humanity so that I live leaning just beyond my edge in truth, consequently allowing me to be authentic and fully present to hold my personal deepest realization, with my purpose as my focus.

I am a Loving man holding space with Passion and firmness, thus being a pillar of consciousness able to contain all the contradictions of Life, while remaining centered in Integrity.

I enjoy the ebb and flow of Life with accepting the balance this brings to my life. I am grateful for the abundance and prosperity I receive from the Universe, and I express my gratitude by maintaining a level of devoted discipline in joy.

So it is



***This prayer came through in the latter part of 2012 as I felt inspired to offer holding a men’s group, which birth “Activating Divine Men” in 2013. Since that time, I have received much feedback from men about how helpful it’s been for them, and from women of how lovely it’s been for them to hear their partners read it.

Feel free to use it as is, or as a guideline to inspire you to create your own that might resonate more with what you wish to create in your own Life! See how this feels for you when you commit to reading it every day, which is the intuition I received to follow with the women’s prayer as well. Also, it is a lovely experience to share with a partner by allowing her to read the woman’s prayer first, and then you read the man’s.

From my heart to yours, I trust it will gift you the most suited way for you.

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