Blossoming Intimacy

“There is sO much Life, in the silence of two bodies communicating
with the soothing touch, of presence.”

Intimacy is a process of weaving internal awareness–first, and when we desire good relationships, it becomes a learning of how to weave, what we present; as well as how we interpret, what we receive. Intimacy is a game of presence. Intimacy is built. Intimacy is the connection that grants us the ability to openly witness the fullness of unbound Love, in a stance that allows us to feel our own core amplified, through the exchange.

There’s a lot of mix up associating touch and physical intimacy with sexuality, but in our natural state, intimacy is a core necessity in humans with a soul, as part of nourishing, balancing and sustaining not only our individual health, but that of our society as well.

“We derive presence from dropping into our sensory experiences,
and it’s how we most enjOy Living.”

These sessions are designed for those ready to embrace a deeper level of physical intimacy in relationships and can, among other items, support with:

  • having experienced physical and/or sexual abuse and want to heal
  • wanting more physical intimacy in relationships
  • attaining more comfort within own, and/or someone else’s body
  • sublimating sexual energy
  • orgasm re-patterning
  • looking for better relational patterns

There’s a preliminary “In-person Initial Meeting” to ask questions and  see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Meetings can include physicality and/or not such as body work, connection exercises, conversations to help you build and anchor intimacy practices and presence with your self and others, to create the fulfillment you wish to see manifested in your Life. Ask me about personalized packages we can develop to fit your personal preferences.

Bringing sensuality into your Life, at a whole new level!


You can contact me by phone or email for further information and/or to book your free consultation. Looking forward to hearing from you!