ADM (Activating Divine Men) Tutorial

My vision with this Tutorial is to help men claim their power back and feel balance and at peace in their own skin and way of being.

Are you a man wanting to further activate your Livelihood and Masculinity? Do you want to explore your Divine Sexuality while expanding your skills on Intimacy? If you’d like a greater capacity to feel and create the LOVE in your Life that you deserve, than this is the class for you!

This Men Only class is a safe space where you can embody the next level of your evolution! The goal is to empower you into achieving a holistic approach in Life uniting all aspects from Sexuality to Spirituality and everything in between. You’ll be granted the insider’s point of view of what evolved women want, while being supported with great leading techniques on attaining higher  alignment; invigorate your entire Being, attain Peace at your core, and cater to your Heart without putting your brain aside!

An easy, drop in tutorial. The topics are arranged and tailored for expansion in different areas of your life, yielding transformation, creation and the enhancement of new ways of thriving as a Man in today’s world.

Some of the topics we’ll explore are:

  • Develop and/or deepen your intimacy to manifest the relationships you want
  • Find out what women are really looking for in a man, and how to be that man
  • Establish harmony within your self, and with a partner
  • Attain balance between the masculine and the feminine; the evolution of these energies in humanity, and how the balance is externalized to produce the results you want in your life
  • Learn why you want to evoke Sacred Sexuality and Divine Passion, what they are, and how to get them
  • Get knowledge on Tantric sex –benefits and how to practice it
  • Discover the relationship between exercise and sex, and which are the exercises that will most contribute to your Sexual Ecstasy and Spiritual Connection
  • And many more subjects, including the ones you want to add

Isn’t it time for you to manifest your next level of personal mastery? Be sure to come and feel your way into the next facet of YOU!

To find out when and where this course is taking place, feel free to contact me.

Also, birth from my intuition after moving to Vancouver, I felt inspired to hold a Men’s group. A the beginning of September 2013, three brave men joined the group and gave a tangible start to the idea, and upon my return from travels, holding regular meetings gave us a more solid footing.
I offer my gratitude to all the men and women who from near and far, through public and private messages have supported the initiation and continuation of this project.

I invite you to visit the page on Facebook I’ve created to devote space for particular articles and material related to topics that support the unfolding of men into their divinity and contribute with what you feel are supportive comments, questions and articles to the expansion of Men all over the world.