A Journey into Ritual and Ceremony

You might ask your self “In this day and age, why would I want to learn about rituals or ceremony?” And the answer is very simple… Regardless of how evolved humanity claims to be, at the heart of it all, people continue to feel a yearning that is only fulfilled with a practice that encompasses all aspects of our being. At a time when more and more people around the world are gaining consciousness and remembering the Universal laws, the time is now to reclaim our connection to all that is, and isn’t, which is where our manifesting originates.

Gone are the days when we had to go see a shaman to feel the connection with the power of the jungle. We live in a time where our location is becoming less and less relevant, and what matters most are the deeds we carry out.

There are many sacred ways we can facilitate our relationship to the elements that make up Life. I invite you to take this workshop if you desire an intimate connection with the Life force of the Universe and how to apply it with practicality to your everyday manifesting.

In this playshop the following topics will be covered:

  • The meaning, complexity and value of rituals examined from a holistic and updated point of view
  • A close look of how the mind works
  • The relationship between the mind and its connection to consciousness and manifesting
  • You will be guided to one very powerful ritual that changes the way you feel, think and therefore manifest your reality
  • How to develop your own ritual tailored to your specific needs and desires for personal unfolding and alignment

This workshop is an easy and powerful way to reconnecting and recovering sacredness in your life.

Aren’t you curious to see how your life can unfold when you have greater alignment with the Universe?

We are meant to live peaceful and exquisite lives, fulfilling at all levels of our existence and the information in this simple playshop will help you create what you want.

Feel free to contact me to find out the details of when and where this course is taking place.