From my Heart to Yours

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From my Heart to Yours

d’you know the saying “you can only lead a horse to water…” well, I share information -some people think I’m an idiot, some think I’m a fool, some are realizing some of the crAzy shtuff I posted long ago is proving it self accurate now, and some have fiNally learned that our system is sO corrupted because they’ve done the research on their own and looked where the system doesn’t tell them to, but into avenues that are simply not the common place where we’ve been taught “news” come from, as they detach from the common beliefs and question what they’ve been told, only to realize the truth.

Many of us Know a Lot of the insanity that’s taking place in the world right now and many of us Know why, but I want to share with you why I share. Knowledge is power! nOthing I share is to scare anyone or to make Anyone sad; I share because I want that awareness out, so people can CHOOSE what to do with their Lives, and sTop merely complying with a system that no longer satisfies, and has never truly served humanity. This cookie-cutter system we live in only serves 1% of the population and it’s time we claim our Life back!!!

Humans with a soul are good by nature, but nasty creatures in their “normal” habits! Have you woken up yet to yOur Life?

What are you here for?

Remember that question since you were a teenager?

Did you know that about 20% of teens want to, or have attempted suicide in the US by the time they get to middle school?

As parents, what are we doing to change that? Is this how we want our children to grow up? …and let me be clear -they are ALL Our children!!! The ones that kill because of the messed up world that unfolded in their heads based on what they were exposed to, the ones that at 12 and younger at speaking publicly waking up humans all around the globe, and the ones that are subjugated and limited to knowledge because their parents want to continue complying with the system out of fear or cowardness to own the skeletons in their closets, and refuse to do their internal work, so they can continue investing their energy in control, instead of the humility that is EXPANSION.

Where are you in that scale? Sincerely notice…, decide how you want to be…, and if you see the need to change, CHANGE! give up your egocentric desires, and all that no longer serves your wholesome self, and train your self into better habits that create the world you live in. Stop blaming and keep shifting! I can tell you this works because I’ve done it my self. I was a self-centered person with tErrible habits and horrible personal shit to deal with, but I’ve been stUbbornly following the recipe I just described and what I’ve become is an alchemist of my humanness. And I Know we are ALL beautiful by nature! We are All good by nature. We ALL want Peace by nature and we create the world we invest our self -meaning our time and effort, into!

I’ve made my posts public so anyone can see. My world is beaUtiful and I want to share my vision with all those who wish to Live aware, and conduct their Lives from LOVE!

Perpetrators are there, but the more each one of us CLAIMS our voice with the vigor and Truth of/in our hearts, we can obliterate those entities out of Life!

So Here, I’m inviting you to search for the Truth of your existence in human form.

I’m inviting you to create the world eXáctly the way you want it!

I’m inviting you to LIVE!