The Communication Column

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The Communication Column

Communication is the bridge we use to co-mingle our universe with that of others, and our words are the colors we use to paint our reality (our personal universe and place in it), to share our experience.

It is nothing less than a gate –a portal between worlds. It is the place between worlds. It is the place we meet to co-create. Can you see now, how important it is for us to command our language? As well as, at the very least, developing a clear understanding of the care of that arena between all parties involved in the exchange.

Managing our self in society is no small task; it requires presence every step of the way, and moving through pathways and corridors that can cause great discomfort to our human existence. No Human within wholeness desires to feel pain, and much less suffer; we learn to deal with those dimensions because we fully understand they are an intrinsic aspect of humanness, but we want most of all –PEACE!

Let’s learn how to communicate effectively. Let’s remember and expand, our way of expressing from a personal experience model, so that we keep our presentation clear.

Our lives are packed with so much on our list of responsibilities we signed up for, when we lined up to attain these bodies. Some aspects are good, some trying, some entangled, some new, some smooth, and All   -A LOT!

When we get together with others with the desire to have wholesome interactions we teeter-totter on a single point of connection. Encountering another human being in acknowledgment of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, we are acknowledging their 100% capacity. When we show up transparently with an authentic expression, we are acknowledging our presence at 100% capacity –both, which united, facilitate/co-create the energetic loop between the two that gets created and fueled by the parties involved; and when managed well, amplifying the two into another 100%. That entire percentage of energy is what we’re dealing with in relationships, when we stay loyal to our path, so –like in the center point of an infinity symbol, we meet to share/co-create because we realize a path of wholeness, is a path of rectitude and honoring of, and for ALL of Life.

Lets learn how to communicate well! Lets learn to garden the “our” spaces we contain in our field. Let’s take things less personally, and let’s entrain our self into the emotional maturity that allows us the luxury of patience to exercise our ability to respond with compassionate kindness, to the knots that come up in our interactions; of course, making that our practice with our self, first.

I am particularly devoted to the essence of LOVE and sovereign unity in humanness, with the intention of ONLY goodness for humanity. It is from this place I share these words, which are a highlight of my devoted path to Truth, LOVE and Justice.

My desire and intention is to share some CTs (Communication Tips). I’m including two here:

Tip #1

A clear way to communicate in a non-confrontational way is by using sentences that express only our personal experience speaking from the “I” –as in “I feel…, I’m hearing…, I saw”.

Tip #2

Building the emotional stamina, the mental focus and the tolerance for everything in between to recognize when “I am caught in an experiential moment” and then, to practice stating with verbal presence what is arising for self in the moment, within solution oriented vocabulary.



If you want to expand and/or refine your communication skills, I invite you to contact me.