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It is imperative that we use our birthright to use what makes us unique in the queendom of Earth -CHOICE!

For as “advanced” as our schools claim to be with computer upgrades in our schools, at no point we sign up consciously for the government to spy on us, and for the system to feed off of our livelihood.

The truth is that I have a very creative mind, and I love learning by searching for information on the internet because I can go at my own pace, and at the very least, poke at various realities with it; I think Anyone can relate!

I have learned that most governments seek to serve the system that’s in place, which is one of the reasons only 1% of the population own the wealth of the world. I also have been finding out about the US and Canadian governments to incriminate, and even incarcerate innocent people for ridiculous reasons, while giving ridiculously low sentences, to what in my books categorize as grave offenses. I believe it’s common knowledge now that we’re living, what the generation X, saw as children through Warner’s adventures -a quaking duck with a lisp, who’s filter for the joie de vivre was $$$, and I don’t trust this governments to take us into the promise land. I bring that up to make the point that I’m aware, living as part of a crooked government can mean having the history of a person’s searches be used to prove a made up story to support whatever story suits best for them to eliminate freedom of speech and/or choice to the best of their ability, in the name of injecting sustainability to the system in place.

We’re Living at a time when our Choices are deFinitive!

It’s come down to the wire. Globally, people of all walks of Life have been awakening and re-awakening into self empowerment -anchoring the “i Am” presence into humanness, and we’re remembering with gaining momentum that we are sovereign beings who can choose a different experience. We’re also finding out even quicker that claiming that sovereignty, we naturally gravitate toward making good choices, which for the most part are also good for the “general public”. We’re awakening into an awareness of how compassionate we are by nature, and how tainted by the system we’ve been. We are witnessing the greatest detriment of the planet, as a direct result of our footprint out of decisions we weren’t asked to be part of, or even informed would be in place. We have seen the devastation we’ve suffered, as a result of having land and seas being divided with imaginary lines, for financial gain. We know the governments are not holding the companies accountable with Truth or Justice; we know most of the people don’t naturally gravitate toward the wars and various ways of lack, we’re experiencing on the planet. We’re starting to realize more and mOre that we cAn make a change and create a bigger impact than we thought. Even children are courageously stepping up into their missions and helping to anchor –human sovereignty and new systems to support the transition, and upcoming facets of our liberation.

It is really our greatest accomplishment, in the history of history, back to the garden where we all lived in communion with the land, the stars and the sea within balance. This will technically be the “coming home” of all times from when our survival, and basic personal sustainability became dependent, on money being the exchange.

Here’s the well-kept secret about money we’re finding out… It’s actually not as necessary as the system has implanted in us! It’s actually not necessary at all!! And of course, we see the temper tantrums of a dying system with the kicks of injecting illness, the screams of mandatory auto-poisoning our bodies, as well as endangering the stability of all Life on the planet, while at it.

So with this, I want to offer a sincere Thank You to the system destroyers and encourage you to keep up the good work! To the vanguard groups implementing the new systems, a vow of appreciation for making your visions -your missions! Compassionate gratitude to everyone of us who are doing our bEst to stay on the path of awareness with our heart’s investment, into finding out the truth! Thanks to all who take the time to question Life at Her core.

Here’s a question a Lot of people are asking now: Why do we have such a limited choice (unreliable, non-trustworthy and infallible at best) of how our food is grown, by who, and under what standards? As far as I’m concerned, food is nOt to be messed with! In my books, Any element that’s nEeded for human existence ought to be cared for and cherished –and that’s not a hippie concept, it’s no more complicated than common sense (just sayin’). I have more questions, about everything in my Life, as I discover how much I haven’t been taught, and how twisted and inaccurate, the information I was given is. I am doing everything I can to do mY piece, to embody my mission, to make the changes with as much grace as possible. I do the best I can, and I seek for that in others, as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing our world shift from mediocre, to thriving with so much goodness blossoming everywhere! A Lot less concern with fighting for Anything anymore, and re-directing that energy into anchoring new, more serving systems and paradigms; new habits –more engaging of, and supportive of Life, itself. We wanted it, and now, this is it! The time’s upon us and we get to live our dreams –if we want to, or let them sink in the airwaves.

It really IS up to each one of us to carve the dimensionality and realities we want to occupy. The time has come for us to let go of everything we were, up until yesterday, and mark the day, with an exclamation mark of newness that will change Our Life, for ever and ever!

In the meantime, it is impErative that we exercise choice in everything we can! On that note, here’s the link to a great search engine with integrity and a solid common sense to help us support what we want to see in our realities.

And, a great App you might want to check out is called Buycott, which allows you to support what you want, with your dollar <redefining putting your money, where your mouth is! lol>. It works with your cellphone to scan the barcode of the item you’re interested in purchasing, and it’ll give you the history of the company, as well as if that company forms part or not, of the campaigns you want to support, such as items that only focus on organic food, or companies who resource their products from fair trade exchanges; that kind of thing. I have found it to be sUper helpful for my own awareness of what companies are legit, and to stay on track to support with my dollar, Only what I know is in alignment with my personal values.

I acknowledge it’s taken a retraining of how to relate to my external world compared to how I learned, but it’s so much healthier to do it this way, and I feel better about my self at the end of every day for doing so! It really pays not only for one person, but for the grater good as well, for each one of us to make the effort!

Stay real and let’s go home! 😉


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