Spirals of Consciousness

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Spirals of Consciousness

I have been taking notes, as I’ve anchored in my human consciousness, in the way my body feels most comfortable, how to carry out my mission. I’m starting out the eight spiral of personal evolution.

My 1st spiral was up until I awakened to my “I am” presence, which is actually what I believe is what humanity is anchoring as a whole, when I was seven years of age.

My 2nd spiral began when I was 17 and I committed to only working for the flow of Truth and Order, and I gave my word that I would honor this commitment above All else. It was “the right thing to do”; it’s what I needed to do in order to revamp my life to move from survival into Living, so I did. I took on the job of clearing what I saw as dysfunctional habits I had picked up and were of no service to me in the way I was planning to Live.

I entered the 3rd spiral when I met my first husband and had my children, which is a memory that feels like the way I’ve witnessed nature grow when left unhindered. It’s literally a Living memory that’s still forming… It’s a continuous unfolding because what I’ve been experiencing in that reality is the enlivening of my own childhood, and it’s especially potent for me because only a few years before I had began working with my inner child, which is when I began experiencing new ways to track time, so by the time my daughter (my second child) came through me, I could use hers and my son’s timelines as my own, and I found the way to time travel back and forth again to my present. I started then my conscious practice of planting seeds in the now, to receive the harvest in my “later” human experience, and could identify the “synchronicities” in my now, that I had out of pure desire, planted in earlier years. I could sense the advantage of being able to do that at the conscious level, so I delved into a study of “Can I create synchronicities in my Life?”

The 4th spiral was when I left Montreal and my children because I felt called to go to California and their dad didn’t allow them to come with me. I delved deeper into the web of Life to get some answers. The more I asked, the more I felt, the more I saw, the more false believes about me I could transmute. The edges of what I could hold in my consciousness of Truth stretched, and my capacity to Love magnified manifold and a dEep devotion to Life settled in me.

The 5th spiral was a romantic relationship that took me to the depths of the worse I’ve seen my self play out, Thank gOodness and in appreciation of his decision, it didn’t last long! I felt reAlly toxic things and he reflected back to me the same. And of course we did what all kids who are afraid, play out. This was dEep, deep wOrk! I mean I attained a whole new level of compassion no only for my parents, but for parenting in general; and I got to anchor a really wide spectrum of this relevance, in the relationship we as people develop, about Everything in our Lives. I rose to Love sO powerfully, as to realize my long desire wedding was withIN mE, and I rose to my self as a woman at a whole new level. After that relationship I delved deeper into my own being -the more I got to know me thAt intimately, a certain level of confidence arouse, and I watched to see what was ego-related, and I corrected course toward improvement Every time I found anything in misalignment; and I began trusting more that I could be externally, exactly as I am internally.

The 6th spiral began with getting together with my second husband. I had gained enough momentum in my relationship with my self that in relationship again, I began noticing my self in a dynamic that was sO different than when I was alone. I took a closer look at the feminine and the masculine from an only LOVE perspective because it’s the type of relationship I’ve wanted since I was child. I’ve made internal and external adjustments, as I realized we –the people, have been dEeply   traumatized!,  dEeply depleted,   seriously schizophrenic, and severely fragmented in our wounded society. We didn’t know how to take care of our self! And were clearly emotionally immature. We mostly have forgotten our magNificent internal science, and we follow a multiple personality life that’s mostly re-traumatic. I made Everything about my husband, mine to own, and I used a steady pace as I wired my human stubbornness into openness and relaxation, and mental focus to stay on Trust that everything was a gift! And looked Everywhere for that reality, and I supported it with every tool that brought me the best return for my energetic investment so that it was a holistic exchange to the best of my ability. And the alignment brought about more seeds to plant and an aware harvest of consciousness, as I transmuted in November 2016, the main false belief, with which I had interpreted my Life that had prevented me from fUlly embracing my mission!

And then the 7th spiral began when I claimed my self as a sovereign being in service of Gaia and my mission. The land called me and I answered. I’ve been mainly cleansing my mind of super old programing, and cleansing the carnal body of the emotional impact that was in me all the way to the DNA level, my emotional and mental levels. It’s been deeply healing to relearn how to breath all the way into my cells and to allow the healing energy of the Natural Matrix to nurture me, and teach me about the web of Life around this planet. I had a chance to harvest from what’s become my mantra since 2012 “Love, Love and keep Loving, until there’s nothing left, but LOVE” and now, I have lovely relationships with beaUtiful people in my Life! Lots of work preparing to present my self and speak about what I came to offer.

The 8th spiral, is the latest; and I entered it at the beginning of this year (2017) when I came into a new reality with pretty much one hand in front and the other behind –financially; and yet, the most prolific in personal satisfaction of achievement, in capacity, and the bag of goodies I can use now to support my mission! Not to mention the level of presence I’ve anchored in my humanness.

My message is of peace

with LOVE and Only Love

and I’m helping with the re-wiring necessary for those of us who wish to embody a graceful transition until the entire alignment takes place, as we unite to help others align, also.

Unusually, I have no clear perception now, of how everything is going to unfold for me because I get that I’m in a space where the future is more what I make it, then me reading into it, at this point. But what I dO have is Trust that everything is unfolding with a precise ultimate bEst for me because I’m doing Everything I can to say “Yes!” to it, as consciously as I can allow it.


To explore the possibilities of unfolding into your greatest potential, feel free to contact me; I’ll be happy to help.