Uncompleted Completion

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Uncompleted Completion

Today marks the beginning of a new cycle, according to the Mayan Calendar. It is an ideal time to review our journey, so this is exactly what I’ve decided to do and I’m inviting you to gift your self the same way. I am inviting you to join me on a new journey to rebirth the self into the most Loving and honoring version yet, of Life.

I confess I’m super excited to get to know this Mayan Calendar in a more intimate way! I have a belief that I’ll be able to tap into Time in a tOtally different way as my brain and nervous system learn to process my experiential data from a different perspective, and I’m al-ways excited to see Life in a new way! The last 260 days were the last spiral of 22 I traveled during a 16 year period that began in September 2001. The intention I set then, without knowing about the cycles or this Mayan Calendar, was to resolve whatever I needed, in order to Live my Life in a way that I’d attain complete ownership of my reality at a conscious level. Ha! Of course I had nO idea at a conscious level the dEep-grandor of my request.

Toward the end of 2009, as I reviewed my Life, I realized at a conscious level that what I had been experiencing since the end of 2001 was the response to what I set out back then, as my desire, and I could clearly see that my vision had become my mission! I became eager to explore my Life at this deeper level of aware consciousness, and I received all my experiences as direct feedback to my mission because I understood my experiences shaped according to internal willingness to accept my humanness exActly as it was, and welcoming it with an open heart. Naturally, I saw the places where there was pain and constriction, so I diligently sought those parts of my self and meticulously weaved in me, the Love I wanted to feel and be, instead. Love had been the ONLY sure element in my Life that reliably and consistently delivered a positive return for my investment, even when it took me on a journey that didn’t feel comfortable or easy for me to manage.

I appreciated it All, and I persisted on entraining my self cOnstantly into a new and better way of managing my Life! I anchored my self into my devotion to Love, and began a journey of a disciplined humanness. By then I had a holistic approach to Living, so I scanned my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies for limiting beliefs. I paid attention to words in my field –internally and externally and I exercised the audacity muscle I had developed as a child, as a tool to decipher the most efficient way for me to deal with all the levels and realities I was dealing with. I paid attention to my emotions and steadily procured stability. I realized how linked my emotions where to my diet, so I examined that, also. I eliminated TV and radio from my field and found new ways to engage my self with information. I began to parent my human to dance at the rhythm that I could manage a joyful experience, within the balance that my directive self was setting.

The faster I flipped inside, the faster my external reality reflected it. Life invited me to look inside, through presenting situations, and I trusted and delved in! It was an intense way to Live, but I had survived intensity, so I used it to fuel me energetically to continue moving forward in my study! I knew I was dEep inside the rabbit hole and I knew the Light at the end of the story was assured; and that the journey was uncomfortable only when there was a piece in me wanting to be addressed.

I worked sO hard! Have you ever had a thin chain get tangled up? ThAt’s how that journey felt like to me, but I’m patient enough to unravel the knots, and that’s how I persistently addressed my existence. The more I unraveled, the faster Life moved; but I also found the more I directed my Life from a conscious perspective and followed it, the more manageable it became; and eventually, my work became my play. I realized that in essence, I was rewiring my existence, so that my “I am” was directing my humanness, which prompted me into another level of expelling negative thoughts, centering emotionally and purging bad habits, while synchronicities marked the level of alignment I had.

Up until that point, I had predominantly been operating from a point of connection with beings from non-physical realms, however in September 2015 my connection to The Sacred Matrix anchored deeper into my humanness in a way that the elements and Gaia became my teachers just as much as, and in conjunction to my previous connections, which I’m sure you can imagine was a hUge interconnectedness, and relational study. In February of 2016, a new level of awareness began anchoring through my bodies, all the way into my humanness, which propelled me into the greatest depth of intricacy of Life that I had yet experienced, and I had  kundalini re-awakening. In May 2016 I jumped realities and found my self at the last leg of that work where I could see the benefits of what I had anchored, but I was still purging and cleaning house at all levels. My humanness was settling into a space of comfort and spaciousness that I fostered with Love and gentle excitement. The more I entrained my humanness into a more natural way of Living, the easier it was for me to consistently operate from a love-centered space until finally, in October 2016, I caught the tail of the belief I formed around my value and my entire reality shifted from that moment forward!

I felt like a new born… Strange to who I was, now that I knew my reality had been based on a false belief of who I was -and therefore all the filters I had about Life itself, and therefore everything I had experienced. It was a tender time I used to observe and learn about who my “I am” is, and I felt the clarity of my reality being a reflection of the point of reference that I am LOVE, which is the primal force and drive for Everything in creation. My entire human experience has been the perfectly orchestrated co-creation that kept calling me forth to the real inception story that birthed the human. In this recognition, I saw my self dispelling my humanness of my original sin –the belief that I wasn’t enough to carry the torch I kept seeing my self carrying. I saw how I had been deterring that energy from me because of how afraid I was to not carry it well, and how that fear was the precise obstacle for why I wasn’t yet carrying it. In that space, I found my self in the arena of a world where my inherent choice was to be fUlly accountable for my human experiences; I could rest there because it was familiar to me, and I was practiced now at it; but everything else, I observed with a great deal of awareness.

I felt decently equipped to trust with a humble pride that I could successfully face and deal with anything that would arise in my reality, so with the flow of the land, I wintered my humanness again, and went inside. I was relatively still externally, but I was hyper attentive with the rest of my reality –mostly, like a baby, just examining how my body registered information without the old filters. My body felt alive and jOyous. I even felt warmer during this past winter, than any other before. I had claimed back the freedom of my voice and felt fully comfortable expressing my perception without the fear of how I’d be perceived because I felt practiced enough to trust my internal compass to direct me to my own loyal accountability, to which I had anchored my devotion, and discipline.

Since January 2017, I have faced the greatest alignment at all the etheric levels of my humanness, while my physicality experienced the most limitation, but I continue to fine-tune my experience to balance out this humanness, until I find the meeting point between my vertical and horizontal alignment is such, that I make manifest physically, the quality of Life I know and now carry, internally.

Essentially, I have been cleansing my humanness of what I was not, and clearing out of my field all I had picked up of this world. So there it is! In a nutshell of a blog, the summary of my last 22 cycles of 260 days! I feel happy and accomplished and regardless of what it looks like from the outside, I know how I’ve contributed to the deactivation of so much destructive energy in my lineages, and I see the fruits of my devoted work, and excited play, which is really all that matters, and I am good with it.

I’m sUper happy to now embrace Life in human form with this wide open Love, as I continue to move forward in a more graceful and peaceful way of Living. I’m looking forward to seeing how this new cycle affects my reality, and I keep calling in the tenacity I need to complete this delicate study of alchemy, by staying faithful to my heart guiding me to my success at all levels!


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